Campaign Update

Members of our newly formed Prayer Group have organized two different times for the Rosary to be prayed for the success of our Capital Campaign, and everyone is invited to join them in the church at 6:20 am (before the 6:45 am weekday Mass), and at 7 pm on the First Wednesdays of the month. If you cannot make it to church to pray at these times, we offer these suggestions for private prayer:

  • At night, before bed
  • First thing in the morning
  • Once a week with your family
  • Commuting to and from work, or when running errands in the car
  • Waiting in line to pick up your children from school
  • Taking a walk or during your work out
  • Doing yard work or household chores

We often pray in times of stress or indecision, or when we are anxious or upset. The important thing to remember is that it does not need to be for a prolonged period of time, so if you don’t have time to say an entire rosary, stop and pray maybe just one decade. Another good practice is to pray before you start a meeting, begin a project or conduct any personal or business endeavors.

Please continue to pray our Capital Campaign Prayer for the success of our Capital Campaign during your Holy Hour and before or ending any St. Agnes parish meetings or gatherings. And finally: remember our 3 @ 3—and pray three Hail Marys each day at 3 o’clock.
*This weekend after all Masses, we will be distributing bracelets to commemorate the launch of our Capital Campaign. These red rubber bracelets, available in 3 sizes, will have the 3 @ 3 reminder on one side and I AM ST AGNES on the other. The suggested donation for each bracelet is $ 2. Come show your St Agnes pride, grab a bracelet and wear it proudly!

Financial Update
We shared last week an update concerning the pledges received these first couple of weeks. Today we’ll give you an update on those numbers and maybe a bit more detail to give you a broader picture of where we are as we begin our three year campaign. Please note too that if you are making monthly or weekly pledges that they begin in July of this year or sooner if you would prefer.

We know we have an accrued debt of $2.7 million. (includes St James support)
We know we have deferred building maintenance of $2.3 million.
Thus our goal for the campaign is $5 million over the 3 year span.

Once we have received fulfilled pledges or cash in hand totaling $1.5 million, Archbishop Naumann will forgive $700,000.00.

As of May 12th, we have a total pledged of $2.2 million.
Out of this amount we have cash in hand in the amount of $460,553.00.

Everyone’s generosity and willingness to participate and still meet our weekly tithing for operations is overwhelming and so appreciated. As you can see in the pledged dollars above we are on track to meet the Archbishop’s challenge once the pledges are fulfilled.

We have received pledges from 330 families thus far.  With full participation from our Parish we can easily meet our goal.  Being part of this campaign will make tangible your gratitude for all you have received from our Parish family. Remember, no gift is too small and keep St. Agnes in your prayers!

Fr. Bill

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