The St. Agnes School of Religion program is religious education for children, grades K through 8, who do not attend St. Agnes Catholic School. Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 11:00 to 11:50 a.m., September through April.

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering your time and talent on a weekly basis as a teacher or occasionally for special projects.  Help us embrace the opportunity to serve these students through this important ministry.

For more information – or to volunteer to help – please email Jennifer Hense, School of Religion Director at or call 913.262.2400.

*Online registration is for parishioners of St. Agnes, out of parish families must contact St. Agnes Rectory office, 913-262-2400

Religious Education Online Registration 

School of Religion Schedule First Semester 2019-2020


  8 First Class Meet and Greet teachers and classmates

15 Class In Session –  CATECHETICAL SUNDAY –  Please join us for 12:00 noon Mass!

18 2nd grade First Reconciliation/First Holy Communion Parent Meeting, 6-7pm Church

21 Parish HOMECOMING – 4:30pm Mass, dinner, family fun

22 Class In Session

25 7th and new 8th grade Confirmation Parent Meeting, 6-7pm Church

29 Class In Session


 6 Class In Session


20 Class In Session

27 Class In Session


  3 Class In Session, Protecting God’s Children program, to opt out email

10 Class In Session

16 First Reconciliation – 9:00am Church

17 Class In Session

24 Class In Session


  2 NO CLASS Happy Thanksgiving!

  8 Class In Session, Advent Reconciliation grades 3 – 8 in Church, grades K/1/2 in school – FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION – Please join us for 12:00 noon Mass!

15 Class In Session

22/29  NO CLASS Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

School of Religion Schedule Second Semester 2019-2020


  5 Class In Session

12 Class In Session

19 Class In Session – Respect Life Rose Procession – 12:00 noon Mass

25 8th grade NET Confirmation Retreat, 11:00am  – 5:30pm, lunch provided/concludes after 4:30 Mass

26 Class In Session


  2 Class In Session

  9 Class In Session

15 St. Agnes School Auction – 4:30pm Mass followed by dinner and auction

16 NO CLASS due to Auction clean-up

23 Class In Session


  1 Class In Session

11 Class In Session, Lenten Reconciliation grades 2 – 8 in Church, grades K and 1 in school

15/22 NO CLASS Have a Fun and Safe Spring Break!

29 Class In Session


  5 Class In Session

13 NO CLASS Happy Easter!

25 First Holy Communion, 9:00-11:00 Church

26 Class In Session


3 Last Day of Class, School of Religion 12:00 noon Mass and May Crowning

6 Confirmation, 7:00 PM Church