Job Opening – Wedding Coordinator

The St. Agnes Parish Wedding Coordinator represents the parish at all weddings. The coordinator  will meet with the bride and groom approximately two months prior to the wedding date to discuss: 

  • the ceremony
  • assist in making arrangements for the church
  • answer any questions you may have regarding the liturgy 
  • answer any wedding day questions

 The Coordinator will also work with the priest to conduct the rehearsal and helps to coordinate: 

  • the binder which will hold the selected readings and Universal Prayers for the Mass
  • the wedding party on the ceremony day 
  • coordinate any floral or other sacramental needs, and ensure the Church is returned to the physical status it was found to be
  • and remain at the church until after the wedding party has left
  • the opening of doors for wedding party to access, turn lights on prior to their arrival, turning lights off and locking doors to church after the event

If the wedding couple has hired an outside wedding consultant, he or she is welcome, however the Parish Wedding Coordinator is responsible for the liturgy and all things at St. Agnes. If the outside wedding consultant is here for the ceremony, their function is to only assist the bride or groom personally. 

The Coordinator again represents the Parish and should be kind and courteous to the bride, groom and their families and wedding party. Punctuality is essential in regards to meeting with the bride and groom and arriving on time for the wedding rehearsal and wedding day. The day of the wedding the Coordinator should be professionally attired.