Happy Easter!

Dear Parishioners,

Well, Easter is finally here.

Families, I am sure you have had a lot of ‘together time,’ and I think it’s always good to remind us that we see Jesus in the lives of those we love the most, and we see Him rising through the lives of the people we love the most – family and friends. May these be good times for us in developing and deepening those relationships.

It has been my custom at the end of every school year to tell our school children, before they leave for summertime, to   remember “the three H’s.” And so, in this extraordinary year, I have added one more H and wish to share this information with the entire parish:

The Four H’s

1. Be happy. 

Be peacemakers at home.  A lot of happiness depends upon one’s attitude, on how we approach life and the challenges that life gives to us.  Be positive and always think of others; put their needs before our own.

2.  Be helpful.

Kids, especially, help mom and dad around the house. Be ready to empty the dishwasher, pick up your room or the house. Look for things to be done around the house without even being asked, and again look for ways to assist neighbors or others who may be in need.

3. Be holy.

I know we cannot gather for Mass as regular on Sunday, but you can read the readings, and you can watch the Mass on our website.  We can pray for individuals and families. We can look for ways to reach out and help others while still staying safe and being smart.

4.  Be healthy.

Remember social distancing when you are out.  I have a good priest friend who calls this “Social Respect.”  Remember washing hands regularly, and kids, it’s good to say two Hail Marys while you are washing those hands.

And finally, we will get through this, and we will never forget this Lent and Easter.  May our time of “Stay at Home” be shortening, and may everyone have a very happy, helpful, holy, and healthy Easter.

God bless,

Fr.  Bill

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