Baby Bottle Boomerang

Baby Bottle Boomerang to support Wyandotte and Olathe Pregnancy Centers

During this Respect Life Month, we invite you to join us in supporting 2 archdiocesan supported organizations that tirelessly work to help women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies- helping them feel supported and not alone.  They offer invaluable services such as:

  • Counseling
  • Pregnancy tests and 4D sonograms
  • Parenting classes and Bible studies
  • Male Mentoring programs
  • Baby supplies, gift cards
  • STI testing and treatment

All FREE of charge!  Please consider donating to help these organizations continue to share the love of Christ to those in need- a service desperately needed to combat the culture of death.

To donate, please take a bottle on your way out of mass or go to:

Bottles will be collected at the end of October

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