A Message from Fr. Bill

Please Don’t Blame God

Dear Parishioners,

On Passion Sunday and Good Friday, we heard the words that Jesus spoke from the Cross when He said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  When Jesus spoke these words, He not only was forgiving the Roman guards, the members of the Sanhedrin who convicted him, Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate, even Judas Iscariot, but also when he spoke these words he was speaking to the people throughout the world of every country and of every age, even to you and to me.  Jesus’ last reminder is that he came to love and to forgive. God is love, and I say this because recently I was talking to a person who said, “God could have sent us an asteroid to destroy the world, but God sent us the Coronavirus, instead, to wake us up.” 

Friends, Jesus shows us the face of God by his passion, his death and his resurrection.  Jesus shows us that God is love—that God takes the sins of the world upon himself and is victorious over sin and death.  Yes, evil exists, and yes, sin persists, but the Coronavirus pandemic was not sent by God but its spread was caused by those who had the ability and the knowledge to contain and to warn others and chose not to. 

Our faith in Jesus tells us that God did not send us a virus to punish us, but rather that He shares our fears, our struggles, and our hopes, and He gives us inner strength as we face this pandemic together.  God never abandons but walks with us and even carries us when needed. That is the promise of Easter.

God bless,

Fr. Bill

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